Congratulations to Yorkshire in the women’s event, East Scotland in the men’s event, and Sussex in the mixed event, as they were crowned 2023 UK PADEL County Champions.

The echoes of exhilarating rallies and cheers from enthusiastic fans still resonate as the inaugural UK PADEL County Championships concluded on Sunday evening at Rocket Padel in Bristol. The biggest ever to be hosted in the UK, brought together passionate players and counties in a celebration of skill, camaraderie, and the thriving padel community.

Tournament Director Mark Ayers said “Padel players tend to be relaxed and friendly, there was a remarkable spirit about things. This social dimension was something I really hoped would flourish and it was particularly pleasing.”

As the curtain fell on a weekend filled with epic matches and a buzzing atmosphere, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this event a memorable one.

“It was special and the entry exceeded my expectations. we had more than 160 players competing and that is just outstanding for the first tournament.”

The vibrant energy in Bristol was not just limited to the players; it extended to the passionate fans who either attended in person or caught the action on the livestream which allowed thousands more padel fans to watch the high quality padel action. 

Check out the UK PADEL YouTube channel produced by the UK PADEL team to watch some of the action.

The festivities extended beyond the courts, with a lively players’ party on Saturday night hosted by Shandy Shack, Laylo and Paella CaLuciano. The generous portions and refreshing shandies and wine added a perfect touch of fun to the evening, creating lasting memories off the court.

“One of the great things from this first ever county padel championship weekend was that we had a high proportion of players from the LTA top-20 UK rankings, for example like Nikhil Mohindra, who played for Essex and Sam MacNeil who captained East of Scotland. They are wonderful players” Said Mark.

“In the women we had Lisa Phillips playing for Sussex, Sarah Lochrie representing Essex and Amy Cairns playing for Surrey.”

“To have top club players playing against these guys just added an extra dimension to it all and I actually had one lady from Devon, where padel is maybe just recently taking hold, coming up to me and saying it was unbelievable to be on a court with these guys.”

As we reflect on a watershed weekend for padel in the UK we express our gratitude to everyone involved and eagerly anticipate the continued rise of padel in the UK. See you all next year for another unforgettable experience!

But before that planning is underway to run a UK PADEL Seniors County Championship in March (16th and 17th) and this will also be at Rocket Padel and it will be an over-50s event. Entries are now open via the web form.

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